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Energy Management System Analyst

Audubon, PA
JPC Partners is looking for an Analyst for our client that will work with the EMS (Energy Management System) Support Department maintaining and developing three of the primary EMS applications – SCADA, Network Applications, and AGC. These systems together form the basis of exchanging real-time data, balancing load to generation, and ensuring the safe operation and dispatch of the grid. The department interfaces closely with sister-departments EMS Technologies, who maintain the underpinning operational technologies, and Power Systems Modeling, who provide the fundamental model of the grid, and collaborate on maintenance and troubleshooting. The work is a mixture of mostly daily O&M workflows, as well as some engineering and design activities at various technology layers. This position is primarily targeted towards EMS O&M work, including support of core EMS maintenance responsibilities such as SCADA point mapping and upkeep, ratings updates, and general maintenance. Other areas and skillsets are available to expand into for the right candidate.  

Telemetry Support
  • Communicate, plan and work with transmission and generation companies to maintain telemetry for new, retired or updated equipment. Manage incoming and outgoing requests for improvement, additions or corrections.
  • Maintain ICCP tags/Object IDs, data parameters, and mapping to the relevant SCADA, Network Application, or AGC models.
  • Manage ICCP permissions/access for transmission and generation companies to telemetry as needed for new equipment, retired equipment, or other changes. 
  • Work with external companies to test data points.  Use a staging system to thoroughly verify the accuracy, quality and reliability of the data before progressing to production environments. 
  • Engage in the study and analysis of where additional telemetry is needed to improve the observability in and near territory. Formulate findings into requests by order of operational value and individual transmission zone concerns.
  • Using available trending and historian tools to investigate suspicious or inaccurate incoming data. Propose and implement methods or processes to drive higher quality control and increase preventative or predictive maintenance.
  • Monitor control room and EMS user customer requests, concerns, and questions. Follow up with appropriate investigation and resolution.
  • Work with other staff doing modeling to coordinate and help ensure that model changes and additions are correctly and appropriately filled out with measured data/SCADA data.
  • This position may, after sufficient training and time, include the request to take reasonable 24x7 on-call shifts to support EMS Support’s mission-critical business.
Other EMS Support Activities
  • Update, check and correct equipment thermal ratings.
  • Help create and maintain custom graphical displays (PI and EMS displays) both for in-team use and customer use.
  • Maintain, investigate, and grow the nascent synchrophasor data front end and utilities.
  • Setup new data links to new grid assets, in particular with industry-specific data protocols such as DNP3, and security standards such as SSL/TLS.
  • Potentially grow into more advanced responsibilities, including the operations and maintenance of advanced network applications.
  • Provide support on other projects and initiatives as required
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Computer Science, similar engineering degree, or equivalent work experience. 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to facilitate customer support.
  • Strong customer service skills with the ability to determine or anticipate customer needs and respond positively.
  • Demonstrated attention to detail. Disciplined and mature decision making appropriate for critical operations environments.
  • Goal-oriented with the ability to move through obstacles to get the job done. Ability to both learn and take direction from team leads, and also be self-motivated and determined when interactive guidance is not available.
  • Ability to work both individually and in a team, including across department and divisional boundaries.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks with efficiency and agility. Pride in workmanship and willingness to learn to be valuable for the team, even when not seen.
  • Demonstrated ability to both identify and realize opportunities to improve efficiency through process improvement and the use of any relevant technology for automation of manual processes.
  • Respect for and a willingness to contribute to documentation, procedures and training, for the broad benefit of the team.
  • Functional understanding of basic electric grid equipment, topology and power flow principals.
  • Experience working in a UNIX or Linux or similar computing environment.
  • Basic capabilities in databases and database query languages (SQL).
  • Basic scripting capabilities (Python, etc.) sufficient to eventually automate portions of recurring tasks, where appropriate.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with real-time Energy Management Systems.
  • Familiarity with Siemens Spectrum Energy Management System.
  • Experience in the Energy or Utility industry
  • Familiarity with the Power System Common Information Model (CIM)

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