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Embedded Systems Developer

Malvern, PA
Our client is looking to hire an Embedded Systems Developer that will work with a close-knit team of engineers, product managers, and client services developers to build the future of a platform destined to power immersive digital experiences for a growing list of Fortune 100 customers.
This role is responsible for the development of our customized Linux OS ecosystem, working extensively with real-time multimedia/3d-GFX & Audio-Video playback devices based on the Windows/DirectX/OpenGL and Linux/OpenGL OS+GFX stacks. Successful candidate must have a clear understanding of video and audio CODEC's, device drivers, and the hardware on which these software components execute.
Core Responsibilities: 
  • Develop and continuously enhance our customized Linux OS ecosystem (Ubuntu)
  • Guide and evolve aspects of the build toolchain, kernel, root filesystem, bootloader, device drivers, and BSP for a wide variety of hardware boards in a collaborative environment
  • Implement security hardening features in our Operating System software
  • Bring up & integrate auxiliary peripherals such as touchscreens, SSDs, cameras, barcode scanners and environmental sensors
  • Diagnose and resolve Linux-related issues pertaining to functionality, profiling, performance, and stability
  • Track and maintain vulnerabilities/CVEs with OS and dependent components
  • Manage custom OS image versioning and build process
  • Manage custom OS releases and patches
  • Documents technical work items and tracks work progress via the client’s adopted workflow and change management process (JIRA)
  • Produces clean, scalable, modular, well structured, testable code
  • Communicate effectively with the software engineering team and product management to ensure technical feasibility and timelines are clear
  • Triage support tickets and document defects, narrowing issues down to core problems
  • Adhere to all industry best practices and standards for Agile/Scrum Frameworks adopted by the Organization including but not limited to daily stand-ups, grooming, planning, retrospectives, sprint reviews, demos, and analytics via systems administration (JIRA) to directly support initiatives set by R&D/Engineering, Product Management and the Organization at large
Basic & Preferred Qualifications:
  • 8+ years of experience building, releasing and maintaining custom OS images with an ongoing testing approach during development
  • Systems-level familiarity with the Operating System environments and the interdependence of various component packages
  • Deep understanding of video and audio CODEC's, device drivers, and the relationship with the hardware on which these software components execute
  • Familiarity with build automation process, CI/CD and related tools
  • Experience optimizing and locking down systems; understanding of file system optimization techniques, disk encryption, system hardening, etc
  • Strong scripting capabilities (eg Bash, Python, etc)
  • Experience benchmarking system performance geared towards display/graphics operations
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with changing priorities and evolving hardware specifications
  • Comfortable working in a self-organized environment; ability to ask questions and seek out clarity to ensure direction and requirements are met
  • Ability to produce detailed documentation and articulate technical details to other members of the team
  • Ability to work in a collaborative team environment with multiple concurrent workstreams
  • Considerable experience with production releases and support
  • Experience managing production releases and patches

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